Elke Bussler, publisher and translator

I am born and grew up in Berlin. After graduating from high school I moved to the Netherlands to study tropical agriculture at the University of Wageningen. During and after my study I spent several years in South America collaborating in the agricultural program of a regional indigenous organization.

After returning to the Netherlands, I continued working in biodynamic agriculture. Besides, I devoted myself to medical studies, in particular to homeopathy.

At the same time, I took up another passion: translating. Evidently, I started with Spanish, and enrolled in evening classes to become interpreter and translator of the Spanish language. I successfully passed the corresponding Dutch state examination. Now, since 1997 I work as interpreter and translator focused on medicine and agriculture.

Meanwhile, I do continue my preoccupation with the art of healing and homeopathy. I became acquainted with the work of Paracelsus, and in 2003 I founded the publishing house De Woudezel, with the main objective to publish Dutch translations of Paracelsus.


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